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  • Christmas Lights as Wedding Decorations

Christmas Lights as Wedding Decorations

Liven Up Your Wedding Reception With Lights!

When you're planning how to decorate your wedding reception, Christmas lights might not necessarily be the first decorative items that come to mind. However, did you know that Christmas lights are an easy way for you to make your wedding reception safe, beautiful, and memorable?

Personalize Your Wedding Reception Decor with Christmas Lights!

Various Christmas lights are a great way you can personalize your wedding reception decor. While you can use the traditional pointed bulbs on strings, you can also use the new bulb shapes and light designs to match your reception theme. You've got plenty of choices when it comes to bulbs and lighting designs -- from the convenient net lights, durable rope lights, and tiny twinkling round lights to the decorative lights in the shape of fruits or flowers, flickering simulated tea lights, cool blue rock-shaped lights, and even star-shaped lights. Wedding decorating with Christmas lights are now even easier and more flexible than ever before with the new power options.

Where Do You Start Decorating with Lights?

So, what should you do with all those Christmas lights? Start outside! Does the venue for your wedding reception have a path leading to an entrance? If it does, consider using rope lights or battery powered faux tea lights in bags to create luminaries. These lights are great for leading your guests along the path. If you have a tree-lined path, try wrapping the Christmas lights around them to create natural columns leading to the entrance. Twinkly lights outside can give the nostalgic, magical feeling of seeing lightning bugs, and net lights over bushes can give structure and dimension to an outdoor space, which can lend an excellent photo backdrop.

Creating the Perfect Ambiance Inside the Reception Area

Wedding decorating with lights outdoors creates instant ambiance for guests entering and exiting the reception area, and lights indoors can extend that ambiance. For instance, you can highlight important areas with tiny LED lights that emit a soft glow. Use mini LED lights on the tables for the wedding cake, favors, and guest book.

If you have a long, banquet-style table at the front of your reception, a combination of battery powered lights, tulle, and topiaries can provide a gorgeous decoration along the ground in front of the table. The net lights that work so well on the bushes outside can also work inside the venue. Drape them along the ceiling to create an attractive focal point.

And what about those dangerous, high-maintenance candles? Replace them with faux tea lights and candles. Have worry-free centerpieces for your guests that won't add heat to the room or present a hassle for servers trying to keep them lit. Set up a lovely display next to your guest book without having to worry that melting wax from a collapsing candle will spill and ruin it.

One of the greatest benefits of using Christmas lights to decorate your wedding reception is that these little points of light will add charm to your photos. Your wedding reception lasts only hours, but the photos will last a long, long time. The soft light provided by these tiny lights will illuminate elements of your reception decoration that might otherwise not be visible in photos. Truly, decorating with Christmas lights will not only make your wedding reception special in many ways, but will also help you remember all the special details about it for years to come.