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  • Choosing Residential or Commercial LED Lights

Types of LED Light Strings & Bulbs

Standard LED Light Strings

C7 Green LED Christmas Lights C7 Pure White LED Christmas Lights Q: Why should I choose LED instead of incandescent bulbs?
A: There are many advantages to using LED Christmas lights including a dramatic reduction in energy usage and longer lasting bulbs - you can read an overview of our LED lighting options in the LED Lights Guide.

Q: Are the bulbs in your LED Light Strings replaceable?
A: No, the bulbs on our residential LED light sets are fixed in the base and permanently attached to the wire. This insures a solid connection and watertight construction, but does not allow you to remove bulbs and swap colors or bulbs between strings.

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Commercial LED Replacement Bulbs

C7 Purple LED Christmas Lights C7 Warm White LED Christmas Lights Q: Are these lights brighter than the standard LEDs?
A: Yes, the C7 and C9 replacement LED bulbs contain more LED elements than the standard LED light sets. C7 retrofit bulbs contain three LED elements, and C9 retrofit bulbs contain five LEDs.

C7 Socket Cord Q: Do these bulbs include the necessary wiring?
A: No, the LED replacement bulbs are sold separately from the socket cords which are required to power the bulbs. You can find a complete selection of C7 socket cords and C9 socket cords available in a variety of lengths and colors.

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