Holiday Lighting Information

Are Primo Lights better than products from local stores?
  Our products are professional quality, and built to last year after year.  The high grade components used mean greater long-term value and reliability for your holiday lighting projects.
Should I choose C7 or C9 bulbs?
  C7 and C9 bulbs are most often used in outdoor lighting displays - the primary differences between the two are size and wattage. C7 bulbs are approximately 2" high and use 5 watts per bulb, while C9 bulbs are 3" tall and require 7 watts per bulb.  Because of their larger size, C9 bulbs are usually used in larger displays and when the lights are being viewed from a greater distance. You can read more about using C7 and C9 bulbs in our Choosing Christmas Lights guide.
Why should I use LED lights?
  LED Christmas lights represent the latest in technology and innovation for Christmas and holiday lighting.  LED lights have many benefits over traditional incandecent Christmas lights including using much less energy, being far more durable, and lasting over ten times longer than standard bulbs. To learn more about the benefits of LED Christmas lights, you can read our LED Lighting Guide.