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Make Your Holiday Memories Last a Lifetime

A Short Guide to Lighting Your Christmas Tree

No matter how many challenges and triumphs you have faced during the earlier part of the year, it's nice to look forward to the last two months when everyone will be coming together to celebrate the holidays. Aside from Thanksgiving, it's Christmas that both children and adults look forward to. Part of the holiday tradition is putting up a Christmas tree, complete with ornaments and lights. The task of putting a star or angel to the top of the tree is yet another ritual that most families look forward to each year. Let's take a look at the basics of how you can light up your Christmas tree, the type of holiday lights available, as well as other tips on how you can brighten up your tree.

What Types of Christmas Lights are Available?

You might have a set of old Christmas lights stashed away in the attic, but this year consider replacing them with newer, brighter, and more efficient ones. This is especially true if most of the bulbs are not lighting up anymore or if the wires are too worn out. You don’t want your holiday lights to become a fire hazard nor do you want them to consume too much electricity, so it’s better to invest in a new set of energy-efficient and 100% safe lights. The good news is that when you walk through a store, you will see an assortment of holiday lights in every size, shape, design, and color. To give you an idea, below are some of the types of Christmas lights you can choose from.

  • Mini Christmas Lights: Before LED Christmas lights became popular, mini-Christmas lights were the holiday lighting option of choice. The shape of each bulb resembles that of a candle with a pointed tip. You can take your pick from mini-Christmas lights with a diameter ranging from 1/4 inch and upwards. At Primo Lights this type of holiday lighting comes in incandescent and LED options.

  • LED Christmas Lights: Unlike the traditional incandescent holiday lights, LED Christmas lights have a semi-conductor light source. Instead of producing a scattered light, what comes out is a monochromatic light. As a result, colored LED lights have a hue that would not fade at all, unlike incandescent bulbs, which are encased in a plastic material that eventually fades. LED lights are also generally safer although a bit more expensive. But the extra cost is well worth it because LED lights are more durable.

  • C6, C7, or C9 Christmas Lights: There are several varieties of C lights, corresponding with different size bulbs. The C6 Christmas light, which is the smallest among the series, comes in a strawberry-shaped bulb that is about 3/4 inch in diameter and more than an inch in height. C7 Christmas lights are perhaps the most common C-series of holiday lights, these are a bit larger than C6 and look round and more bulbous. The C9 Christmas lights are larger than both C6 and C7 lights, and they are ideal if you have a very tall Christmas tree to decorate, or outdoor lighting display. These bulbs are all available in both LED and the more traditional incandescent varieties.

  • Specialty Holiday Lights: Depending on your holiday decorating needs, you can use specialty holiday lights that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs including icicle lights, rope lights, and battery-operated lights.

  • G Series Christmas Lights: G-series lights refer to globe-shaped holiday lights that come in a variety of sizes. Some examples are the G25 and G15 Christmas light bulbs, which have a diameter of 3 inches and 2 inches, respectively. Just like the C-series of holiday lights, you can get G-series holiday lights in either LED or incandescent versions.

LED Christmas Lights vs. Incandescent Christmas Lights

A Multitude of Benefits from Choosing LED Christmas Lights

Whether it’s your Christmas tree or the exterior of your home that you are lighting up for the holidays, there are a multitude of benefits you will get to enjoy by choosing LED lights over the traditional incandescent bulbs. First of all, LED lights are more energy efficient and are thus friendlier to the environment. Most homeowners who switched from the traditional incandescent holiday lights to LED Christmas lights have reported an almost 90% decrease in their holiday electricity bills. This is because LED lights are more energy efficient. They generate very little heat and are safe to use outdoors. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED Christmas lights are also less of a fire hazard.

LED holiday lights have a longer life. Sure, the price of buying LED Christmas lights might be a bit higher as compared to the traditional incandescent mini-Christmas lights but the extra cost is very well worth it. On average, LED holiday lights last ten times longer than incandescent lights. Part of the reason is that they do not have filaments that will burn out or break. The plastic covering of LED Christmas lights are also more durable as compared to the glass outer bulb of incandescent lights. And if you are looking forward to brightening up your holidays with color, you will not be disappointed with the strength and brightness produced by LED Christmas lights.

Additional Tips When Choosing Christmas Tree Lights

As you can see, there are a multitude of benefits you can get to enjoy as a homeowner by using LED lights. If you have a very tall tree to decorate, you need to connect a multiple string of LED Christmas lights. For safety purposes, make sure you are following the manufacturer’s recommendation for the maximum number Christmas light strings connected. Let’s say that you are decorating a 6-foot tree and you are using Christmas mini-lights. For this, the recommended total number of lights is 150 to 250 so take note of the maximum number of strings to be connected.

Lighting Guide
  4' Tree 6' Tree 8' Tree 10' Tree 12' Tree 15' Tree 20' Tree 25' Tree
Mini Lights 50-100 150-250 250-400 350-500 500-750 700-1050 1000-1500 1400-2000
C7 Lights 50-75 100-150 150-225 200-300 250-375 300-450 350-525
C9 Lights 250-375 300-450 350-525

If you are lighting up the exterior of your home with LED Christmas lights, it’s also good to have a plan first of exactly where the string of lights will be placed. Safety should be your number one consideration so make sure that the holiday lights you are stringing together have the proper electrical connection to prevent fires or short circuits.

At the end of the day, nothing beats the feeling of seeing your entire house or your Christmas tree lit up with charming and colorful LED lights for the first time. So take care in choosing the perfect type of Christmas lights and you should be all set in your holiday celebrations!