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A huge variety of mini lights in every size and color available. Perfect for all indoor, outdoor, and craft projects!

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Christmas lights, mini lights, LED lights, twinkle lights – the options and combinations of lighting for your home, holiday, craft, wedding, or project can seem endless! We have gathered them all together here at Primo Lights in one easy to navigate place. If you’re confused about what you might need, don’t worry, we’re experts and have many useful articles on choosing lights, selecting a tree, help deciding if you need traditional or LED Christmas lights, and the difference between mini lights and twinkle lights. Lights are often the unsung heroes of our gatherings, holidays and craft projects. They can dictate the mood of a dinner party, help a nervous toddler sleep through then night, create just the right setting under a wedding tent, and of course dazzle your neighbors with an out of this world holiday display.


Mini lights, are what most people envision when they think of Christmas lights. These small lights, usually connected by a string of wire, are the powerhouses of the holiday season. They’ve come a long way over the years and mini lights can now be found in a rainbow of colors, both individual and mixed color lights. Holiday mini lights also come on different colored strings, white or green, to match your project. Playing a game of chase, slowly increasing in brightness, flashing on and off, twinkle lights add some extra "oomph" to your Christmas lighting display, gathering, or even craft project. Like mini lights, twinkle lights can come in a number of colors and sizes.


LED lights have quickly gained popularity as a green, energy-efficient lighting choice. These environmentally friendly lights use less electricity than traditional lights, and do not contain the metal filament as is the case with other lights, therefore LED holiday lights tend to last a long time. LED lights stay cool, and are often recommended for Christmas tree lighting. If you’re looking to add some lights to a project like a lit Christmas Wreath or garland, you may want to think about battery-operated LED lights. No cords means you can put your lights just about anywhere, and not have to worry about getting electricity to your source.


Decorating for Christmas can be serious business, and with the amount of work that goes into a yearly lights display, a mix of mini lights, twinkle lights, LED lights, in various colors and styles are often the focus. Be sure to check out the many variations of each, new styles and colors are available each year. If DIY isn’t your thing, check out the pre-lit garlands, wreaths, and Christmas trees on our site. The variety of styles ensures that your pre-lit Christmas decor will fit your existing style. Set up is simple, and you will be able to enjoy your decorations for years to come.


Are you trying to put together a wedding on a budget? Cost conscious brides and grooms can save a lot of money by purchasing and setting up their own lighting. Mini lights come on white as strings, which easily blend in with tablecloths, around tree trunks, on garden fences – the possibilities are virtually endless. Some couples simply lay a strands of rope light on table tops for soft lighting during dinner service. With colors ranging from white to hot pink, no matter what your wedding theme, you can find lights to compliment it.


Christmas lights, wedding lights, craft lights, lighting for decor, great lighting is something we all need. Luckily, we have the right mini, twinkling, LED and Christmas lights for our cost conscious and creative customers projects!